Dr. kathy's welcome package

ONLY $44!



Checks for: Heartworm, Lyme disease, Ehrlichia, Anaplasma, Hookworm, Roundworm, Whipworm, Tapeworm, Giardia, Flea and Tick.



Includes: eyes, ears, teeth, gums, tongue, mouth, heart lungs, abdomen, pelvis, skin, limbs, paws, nails and tail



Thoroughly done to catch early signs of gum, jaw and tooth problems

The usual price for these examinations when done individually is $145.

Take advantage of my Welcome Package for every pet you own.

(Offer is for 'well pets' only.  If you have a pet that is ill this package does not supplant proper medical care.)

Their Health is in Your Hands

It is VITAL for your pet's health that you get him/her screened for parasites annually.  Don't assume things are fine because you have been using preventatives.  Preventive medicine does not cure anything - it only works to prevent something and may not be 100% effective. Most pets get a clean bill of health on the screening - but some do not and need medical attention.

Whether you take us up on our special welcome package, or decide to use another vet, the important thing is that you get your pet screened. The health risks in not doing so are too great.

Happy, healthy pets are a blessing.  That is why we have them and why we love them so much.  Full of life and full of joy, they become close friends of ours.

When a pet becomes seriously ill, it can be devastating.  Doubly so:

  1. One is distressed at their suffering and the potential loss of a trusted friend, plus,
  2. One is upset at oneself for not having done more to prevent the situation.  Their health is in our hands - we feed them, exercise them, keep them out of harm's way and get them medical attention when needed.  Guilt can be overwhelming.

Parasite Info

Everyone knows that pets need to be vaccinated against serious diseases - and rabies vaccinations are compulsory.   Not everyone knows that parasites are the next major threat to an animal’s health.

Not all diseases caused by parasites are deadly, and most of them can be cured if caught early enough.  But not all can be - and it can depend on how long it has been untreated.

Best practice is to screen pets annually for parasites, and practice ongoing prevention. 

We want happy and healthy pets, and so as a Welcome Package to all new patients we are offering the above special.   At this price it would be a mistake not to do it.  Note too that we are not limiting this to one special per Client (Human) - we are offering it to every new Patient (Pet).  

But, again, whether you take us up on our special offer or not, the important thing is that you get your pet screened and onto the correct preventatives.  

Please note that this is a 'well pet' screen.  If your pet is ill it needs to be seen and treated appropriately.  

Did you know?:


You can keep your pet protected for 7 years for the cost of a single treatment.  

Spread by mosquitoes and particularly prevalent in Florida, if untreated heartworm disease causes congestive heart failure and can be fatal.  The worms literally live within the heart chambers.

Treatment for heartworm disease is arsenic, which can make your dog very sick.  But on top of that, the dog needs to be confined to strict cage rest for six weeks after treatment.  That is because if its heart rate becomes elevated by running around or playing, there is a high risk of an embolism (clot in the lungs or brain) which could kill the dog.

Prevention is key!   Test yearly and use a monthly preventative all year long.  


Lyme Disease, Ehrylichia and  Anaplasma are caused by ticks.

These organisms can cause everything from lethargy to breathing problems; from septic arthritis to kidney and heart failure.   The list of symptoms is long and diagnosis after the disease has become well established can be difficult.  Treatment is not always successful and the diseases can be fatal.

Some people think that ticks are not a real threat if you live on the West coast of Florida.  Not true.  Where there are trees there are ticks, and to believe otherwise can give a false sense of security.

Prevention is key.   Use a monthly tick preventative all year long, and test annually  to catch any issues early. 

Humans can get lyme disease too - but only by being bitten by a tick.  One cannot be cross-infected by a dog.


Hookworm and Roundworm eggs are found in the soil - everywhere.

They are harmful to humans if contacted in the larval form.   Pets can become very sick with these worms, especially if they are anaemic (low red blood cells).  Kittens and puppies may not recover. 

If a human gets infected these worms travel through their body causing mayhem - infected skin lesions, and even loss of sight if they get into the eyes.

These worms are the reason dogs are not allowed on the beach - because people are often scantily clad, and infection can occur directly through the skin.  Worm eggs, passed in dog poop, contact the soil or sand, even if the poop is picked up, and rapidly become larvae.  If someone steps on, or sits on, an area that has larvae they can enter the body.  That is why dogs are banned from most beaches.  (Of course this can also happen in someone’s yard or at home - a child playing in the yard can be exposed to these.)

Prevention is definitely the best medicine.   Use monthly heartworm preventative as that also prevents these worms.  Annual testing is strongly advised especially if there are children or babies in the household.

Tapeworms come from your pet eating a flea or rodent.  These tapeworms are not the same as human ones and there is very little risk to humans from an infected animal.  

These worms can be detected on the hair around the anus where they look like dry pieces of rice.   They can also be found climbing out of the anus.  They make pets very uncomfortable and can cause a number of ailments as the worms essentially absorb the nutrients the pet requires. 

Prevention of fleas is vital to keeping this parasite away.   Use a monthly flea preventive and perform yearly testing to catch any issues promptly.

Giardia - affects both animals and humans.

This organism is found in the environment, especially after a nice rain.   The rain allows the giardia organism to stick to blades of grass and then, as your pet sniffs the grass, the organism is inhaled or swallow and disease begins.

This organism is also contagious to people - so handle any diarrhea from your pet safely and wash your hands immediately.  The symptoms, for both humans and dogs, are irritated bowels and particularly copious sticky diarrhea.

Annual stool checks are important to insure your pet’s good health - and your’s as well.

Whipworm eggs can last nearly forever in the environment.   Your dog can sniff them up and swallow them, at which time they become larvae.  

They live in the colon and can cause colitis which can get severe, but is usually successfully treatable.

Test your pet’s stool yearly.  Use a heartworm preventative which prevents it also.

Their health is in your hands

With modern detection techniques and medicines the danger from parasites is greatly diminished, if you, as a pet owner, assume responsibility for your pet's health and take the necessary actions to ensure they are safeguarded. 

Our welcome package makes it inexpensive and easy for you to do the best for your pet.  Call us and make an appointment.    

How is the screening done?

We have a full in-house lab, and yet we still send your pet's blood and stool samples to an outside lab for analysis. Why?  

The reason is simple.  The lab is staffed by people who do screening full time.  They are specialists, and accumulate experience at a rate that no Veterinary practice can hope to match.

Much of the work is done looking at samples under a microscope.  It takes a lot of experience to spot, isolate and correctly identify things.

In addition to looking for worm eggs under the microscope, the lab performs an antigen (protein marker) test on every sample.  This will detect the presence of parasites even if no eggs are being shed into the stool sample.  This ensures that parasite infections are detected.   

While most of the time nothing untoward is found, it would be devastating if anything was missed.  For your peace of mind, and ours, we pay the professionals to do the checks on your pet.