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Our Careteam

Practice Manager
Maria has always enjoyed interacting with both people and animals. So, when her sister (Dr. Kathy) asked her to join the team, it was a no brainer. As our Practice Manager, Maria is often the first contact for new clients as well as existing ones. She has great conversations with everyone and loves learning more about them as they become a part of our practice family. Turns out, Maria is the perfect fit for this role!

Maria officially joined Dr. Kathy’s Veterinary Care team in October of 2022. Since that time, she has undergone a lot of training to bring her up to speed and ensure that she serves as a valuable resource for our clients and their furry family members. Professionally, Maria enjoys facilitating appointments. She also looks forward to follow-up visits and hearing about how our patients are recovering.

Outside of the clinic, Maria is the proud mother of two daughters, and one very spoiled Siberian Husky named Oreo, who loves trips to the park and will slap you on the leg with his paw if you’re not paying attention to him. When Maria isn’t busy making sure the hospital is running smoothly, you can usually find her doing something—anything—outdoors, especially if it involves hikes or waterfalls.
Amber decided to pursue a career in the veterinary field after caring for her mini schnauzer, whom she had rescued from a puppy mill. Throughout her short ten years on this earth, she had so many health issues, from severe skin allergies to chronic pancreatitis. After she crossed the Rainbow Bridge, Amber knew she wanted to do more to help other pet parents who might be going through a similar experience.

Amber’s journey began a decade or so ago at a vet clinic in Virginia, where she worked as an assistant and then a technician for several years. After the doctor retired, he sold the practice and Amber was promoted to the position of practice manager. In October of 2023, Amber moved to Florida and shortly thereafter began her search for a clinic that she could call home. She found just that at Dr. Kathy’s!

Outside of work, Amber is happily married to her husband of over three decades, David. Together, they have three children, a Boxer named Zabby, a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel named Lainey, and a senior kitty named Daisy Mae. All three pets love to play ball and cuddle on the sofa watching movies. In her spare time, Amber prefers to be by the water, whether it’s the pool, a lake, or her favorite—the beach.