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Odd But Adorable Ways Cats Show Affection

March 01, 2020

Kitties are full of amusing quirks. These cuddly little furballs are actually quite capable predators, who decided they prefer being pampered over actually working for their dinner. Although Fluffy is independent, she still does need good care to thrive. However, your cat may show her appreciation and affection for the love, care, and catnip you provide in some rather unusual ways. A Seminole, FL vet lists some of them below.


The purr is one of Fluffy’s most charming traits. It’s hard not to smile when your kitty starts her little engine as you’re petting her!


Does your furry buddy sometimes knead you with her claws? We know, this hurts a bit. Those little claws are sharp! But this is actually means that Fluffy thinks of you as her ‘parent.’ Kittens do this when nursing, as it stimulates the flow of milk.


Does Fluffy reply when you talk to her? This is a good sign! It means that she’s trying to communicate with you. (Of course, some cats only speak up when they want to give us orders, but that’s another topic.)

The Head Butt

Some kitties may gently nudge you with their heads. Others will head bonk you hard enough to knock the coffee cup out of your hand.


It’s probably safe to say that cats are the only animals that bite us affectionately. Of course, there are degrees here. If Fluffy just lightly nips you without using force, she may be showing affection or just feeling playful. (Rough play really isn’t good petiquette, but it can be a sign of kitty love.) If your furball is biting hard, hissing, and/or growling, that’s a different story.


Kitties like to keep a close eye on their humans. Fluffy may follow you around from room to room. If you have the audacity to shut her out of a room you’re in, she may meow loudly or put her paws under the door to protest this indignity.

The Blunt Demand

Not all cats’ methods of requesting attention are subtle. Some are pretty blatant! Your furball may hop into your lap, run out in front of you, or tap you with a paw. Of course, no matter how Fluffy expresses herself, we recommend indulging these cute requests for attention.

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