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Dog Care

Pug Day

October 15, 2023
Pug wrapped in blanket

Pug lovers, rejoice: Today is Pug Day! Recognized by the AKC back in 1885, these little pups have been melting hearts for hundreds of years. In fact, a 2021 survey showed that there are over 4 million pugs here in the U.S. A local Seminole, FL vet shines the spotlight on these charming little pooches below. Pug History Pugs are short and stocky, and are characterized by their pushed-in faces. That smooshy face may be … Read More »

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Ways To Lengthen Fido’s Life

September 15, 2023

Did you know that dogs don’t all age at the same rate? Large dogs become seniors much faster than little pups. For example, a Saint Bernard may reach his golden years at just six, while a Chihuahua may not be a senior until they are nine or older. No matter what type of pooch you have, there are things you can do to help Fido live a long and happy life. A Seminole, FL vet … Read More »

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Reasons To Consider A Dog Walker

September 01, 2023

Dog Walker Appreciation Day is coming up on September 8th! Dog walkers are truly one of the unsung heroes of the pet care world. They really can make our canine companions happy and healthy. A local Seminole, FL vet lists some reasons to consider a dog walker in this article. Potty Breaks The main reason that people hire dog walkers is also the most obvious: sanitation. It’s not easy or pleasant for Fido to hold … Read More »

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Teaching Your Dog To Swim

June 01, 2023
Dog jumping into swimming pool

Here in Florida, we get to enjoy swimming for most—if not all—of the year, though of course it’s more popular in summertime. It’s great to be able to hop into a pool to cool off after a long day at work! Many of our canine pals also enjoy swimming. However, not all dogs are naturals at this. A Seminole, FL vet offers advice on teaching Fido how to swim in this article. Consult Your Vet … Read More »

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Summer Pet Care Mistakes

May 15, 2023

Summer is on the way … or, in this corner of the country, it’s already here. As the hottest part of the year approaches, pet owners will need to pay extra attention to their furry friends. The heat can be very dangerous to Fido and Fluffy! A local Seminole, FL vet discusses some common mistakes in this article.    Not Adjusting Schedule    Pets overheat very quickly when temperatures soar. Keep that in mind when … Read More »

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Adopting A Chihuahua

May 01, 2023

May 14th is Chihuahua Appreciation Day! These plucky little dogs have some very devoted fans. There are over 400 officially-recognized dog breeds, and Fido is officially the littlest one of all. These guys usually only weigh between 3 and 8 pounds. Named after their ancestral region, the state of Chihuahua in Mexico, they are playful, loyal, and cuddly. A Seminole, FL vet discusses the Chihuahua below. Weather Fido is from a pretty warm climate, as … Read More »

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Little Pampered Dog Day

April 15, 2023

April 27th is Little Pampered Dog Day! While we love seeing any pups getting pampered, smaller pooches often really hit the jackpot when it comes to living a charmed life. Many toy breeds were developed specifically to be companion dogs. These little guys are often super affectionate and cuddly, and just want to be cuddled 24/7. A Seminole, FL veterinarian discusses little pampered pups below. Choosing Fido Are you interested in adopting a small dog? … Read More »

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Local Dog-Friendly Parks

April 01, 2023

Tampa Bay is a pretty great place to be a dog. We have all sorts of dog cafes, daycares, and groomers, as well as many restararunts and breweries where people are welcome to bring their pups along. Man’s Best Friend is also quite fond of our beaches! Of course, one of Fido’s favorite things about this area are its several beautiful and dog-friendly parks. A local Seminole, FL vet discusses some local dog parks in … Read More »

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Plants And Pets: Do’s And Don’ts

March 15, 2023

One great thing about living in the Sunshine State is that we get to enjoy beautiful flowers and gardens all year round. Many of our furry companions love sniffing and investigating plants and greenery! However, there are some things to keep in mind when having both pets and plants. A local Seminole, FL vet offers some tips on this below. Do: Choose Safe Options While many plants are safe for Fluffy and Fido, there are … Read More »

Grooming A Senior Dog

March 01, 2023

Is your canine pal entering—or already in—his golden years? Fido probably won’t be any more enamored with baths now than he was as a puppy, but they’re still important to his health, hygiene, and comfort. However, you’ll need to take some extra care with your pooch at this point in his life. A Seminole, FL vet discusses grooming a senior dog below. Be Gentle First and foremost, be very careful with your furry friend. Older … Read More »

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