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Reasons To Consider A Dog Walker

September 01, 2023

Dog Walker Appreciation Day is coming up on September 8th! Dog walkers are truly one of the unsung heroes of the pet care world. They really can make our canine companions happy and healthy. A local Seminole, FL vet lists some reasons to consider a dog walker in this article.

Potty Breaks

The main reason that people hire dog walkers is also the most obvious: sanitation. It’s not easy or pleasant for Fido to hold it in while his humans are at work all day! Puppies have a particularly hard time, as they can only go about an hour for each month of age.


Potty breaks aren’t the only benefits of having someone walk your pup while you’re out. Fido needs activity to stay healthy, just as we do. Even a short stroll is good for your four-legged buddy physically. This can also help burn off some excess energy, so you don’t come home to a furry, bouncing ball of zoom.


Fido’s mental and emotional well-being are also crucial. Just like people, dogs can get bored with nothing to do all day but stare at the walls. Walks offer a change of scenery and some enrichment. Remember, Man’s Best Friend gets a lot of information from that cute nose. In fact, sniffing things is sort of the equivalent of reading a newspaper for your four-legged pal. He’ll be able to tell who’s been around, and when.


While this may not apply to all dogs, it’s extremely important for those it does affect. Some of our canine patients have medical conditions that can or must be managed through medication. If your pooch needs to be given his medication on a set schedule, having a dog walker stop in can help keep things on track.


Our canine companions are very social creatures. Fido is actually hardwired to function as part of a pack. He can get lonely and uneasy when left by himself too long! Some pooches express this discomfort by engaging in bad behaviors, such as digging or chewing. Walks give your pooch a chance at that interaction he needs, which can keep him happy.

Wellness Checks

It’s also just good to have someone check on your pooch, and make sure he’s okay. Even simple things, like refilling a water bowl, can help keep Fido healthy and comfy,

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