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Protect Your Pet From Holiday Stress

December 15, 2020

The holiday season is upon us! Things may not be quite as festive or busy this year as usual, with the pandemic going on, but there will still be plenty of seasonal events and festivities happening. This can actually be a pretty stressful time of year for our furry friends! Travel, visitors, decorations, loud noises, and schedule disruptions can all make your pet quite uneasy. Here, a local Seminole, FL vet offers some tips on helping your animal companion enjoy a stress free holiday.  

Comfy Spot

Some pets love visitors, and have absolutely no qualms about begging guests for treats, belly rubs, and/or play sessions. Others aren’t quite as outgoing, and may feel scared or even threatened by visitors. If your fuzzy buddy seems anxious, make sure that they have a quiet, comfy place to retreat to. Crates are great options for dogs. Proper training is key here, though. It’s very important for Fido to see his crate as a comfy, cozy little den. As for Fluffy, she may appreciate having a kitty tent or condo. Even a spot under the bed will work!


Playing is very important for pets, both mentally and physically. It’s also very helpful in relieving stress. Think of it as Fluffy or Fido’s equivalent of going for a hike or run to clear your head. After a fun workout, your furry pal will naturally be more relaxed.

Background Noise

Loud noises can be a huge source of stress and fear for pets. This can be a big issue around New Year’s Eve, with all the fireworks and commotion. Limit your pet’s outdoor time on nights when there are parties or events happening nearby. Put them in their cozy little safe space, and turn a TV or radio on to help mask the noise.

Minimize Disruptions

Our animal friends are very much creatures of habit. Changes in schedule can be quite distressing for pets! Try to keep your pet on their usual routine as much as possible. If you’ll be out late for an event, leave a light and a radio on for your little buddy.


If your furry buddy is extremely anxious, they may benefit from having some pet-calming products. Ask your vet for more information.

Happy Holidays! As your Seminole, FL animal clinic, we’re dedicated to keeping your pet happy and healthy. Call us anytime!