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Doggy Adoption Shopping Checklist

October 01, 2021

October is Adopt A Dog Month! We always love seeing those ‘Gotcha Day’ posts, and we’re certainly hoping to see lots of them this year. Of course, adopting a new pooch means a few trips to the pet store. A Seminole, FL vet offers some shopping tips below.


Fido will need a good, high-quality food, one that is appropriate for his age, size, breed, and lifestyle. If you know what kind of food your furry buddy has been eating, get that same brand to start. Ideally, you’ll want to make dietary changes slowly, and only after talking to your vet.


A comfy bed is a must! Most dogs will appreciate the support of a good orthopedic bed. We recommend getting something with a washable cover.

Grooming Supplies

Fido’s coat length and type will determine the type of beauty supplies he needs. If your pooch has a double coat, he’ll likely need a special wire brush. Pups with long fur may need detangling mats. If your canine companion has smooth, short fur, a regular brush will probably do fine. You’ll also need nail clippers, paw balm, and doggy dental products.


There are a few things to keep in mind here. Some dogs will demolish anything with a squeaker, and may even try to eat the stuffing or noisemaker. This can be very dangerous! Keep an eye on your furry pal when he has these kinds of toys. It’s also worth noting that some pups get a bit too involved with games like Tug O War. If you know or suspect that Fido has any aggressive tendencies, you may want to skip these. Ask your vet for specific advice.


We don’t normally advise spoiling Fido with treats, but they are definitely very helpful with bonding. Snacks can go a long way towards making your new pet feel loved and safe! Choose training-sized ones, so you can keep that tail going without overfeeding your four-legged friend.

Walking Supplies

Florida offers many beautiful spots for exploring with your canine buddy. Get a good leash, one that won’t snap if Fido gets spooked by thunder or lunges after a squirrel. You’ll also need a tie-out line too, waste baggies, and a portable water bottle. We recommend getting a pet first-aid kit as well.

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