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Storm Safety For Pets

November 01, 2022

Hurricane Ian may be over, but the wake of devastation it left is still dominating the news. While those of us in the Bay area escaped the worst of the storm, our neighbors just to the south suffered catastrophic damage. Unfortunately, devastating storms are becoming more and more frequent. While this year’s storm season is (hopefully) over, every year brings the chance of another. A local Seminole, FL vet offers some advice on helping your pet get through storms in this article.

Be Prepared

Keep an emergency bag prepared and on hand. This should include food, water, collapsible dishes, a pet first-aid kit and brochures, medicine, blankets, toys, towels, treats, and a leash and collar. Fluffy also requires a litterbox and litter, while Fido needs waste baggies. Don’t wait until a storm is bearing down on us to get these things ready. It’s best to just keep them on hand and rotate out perishables as needed.


Always keep your four-legged friend’s medical and vaccination records easily accessible. Many shelters and hotels require this information before allowing pets in. You can upload them to a cloud drive or email copies to yourself. It’s also a good idea to keep hard copies in a waterproof folder. Store them in your glove box or with your fuzzy pal’s travel cage.


We recommend getting hard-shell travel carriers for both cats and dogs. If a storm is approaching, have the crate ready to go. Put your information on the outside, just in case you get separated from it. (Tip: mailing labels covered with clear tape work great for this.)

Pet-Calming Products

Our furry friends can suffer trauma or PTSD from storms. Even those daily summer showers can be terrifying for pets that have been through hurricanes. There are some ways to help Fido and Fluffy cope. Playing background noise can help drown out thunder and rain. For dogs, thunder shirts and puzzle toys can help soothe them. You can also try calming products, such as treats or sprays. Ask your vet for recommendations.


Make sure your pet is microchipped and wearing ID tags. You’ll also need to keep your records current in the chipmaker’s database. If you and your furry pal are ever separated, these things may become the only links between you!

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