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Boarding Or Petsitting

December 01, 2022

Will you be traveling over the holidays? If so, you’ll need to decide what to do with your furry friend. In some cases, you can take them with you. For instance, if you’re just going on a weekend trip a few hours away, it may be fine to bring Fido or even Fluffy along. However, bringing your dog or cat with you just isn’t going to be a feasible option in every situation. You may need to make arrangements for your pet’s care. A Seminole, FL vet goes over some of the pros and cons below. 


Boarding is, in most cases, going to be the safest option. Your beloved pet will be cared for by professionals in a safe, secure environment. You may also be able to add on perks, such as extra treats or playtime, or even check in with your furry buddy through a live camera feed. On the down side, this is usually going to be the most expensive option. Some pets may also be distressed at being in a new environment, which is also something to consider.


Petsitting services can be a great option for some. However, there are a few cons to consider here as well. Although reputable companies screen their employees carefully, some people will understandably be uneasy letting strangers into their homes. Your furry friend may be left alone for long periods of time, which can be distressful and potentially dangerous. You’ll also need to secure backup, in case something happens. 


Another option is to have someone stay over at your place, rather than just stopping in. This can be the best of both worlds. Your four-legged pal can stay safe and sound in their own environment, which will minimize the stress for them. However, if something were to go wrong, you could find your friendship or relationship strained or even broken. 


Regardless of which option you choose, the main thing is finding someone you trust. Ask your vet, friends, and family for recommendations, then read the reviews and/or check references. It’s also a good idea to try a trial run, and have your furry pal’s new kennel or caretaker watch them overnight. Be sure to book holiday care in advance: this time of year gets busy!

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