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Cats That Swim

August 01, 2023

Does your kitty hate water? If so, Fluffy is in good company. Cats are known for having strong opinions about certain things. We all know that most of our feline friends are definitely not fond of loud noises, car rides, or getting wet. However, as the saying says, there are exceptions to every rule. That’s true in this case as well. A Seminole, FL vet discusses cats that swim in this article.

Fluffy And Water

There are good reasons for kitties to instinctively be nervous in water. For one thing, our feline pals are quite small, and can easily get swept away by currents. There’s also the fact that wet cat fur gives off a distinct scent, which could attract predators. Fluffy may also just realize that she looks rather odd when she’s sopping wet!


Although most kitties hate getting wet, some breeds apparently missed that memo. The Turkish Van is at the top of that list. These kitties are notorious for enjoying water! In fact, legend states that they swam ashore from Noah’s Ark. That isn’t the only breed known for swimming, though. The Japanese Bobtail, Maine Coon, Bengal, and Max are also known for liking to splash and play in water. That said, don’t assume that these breeds will automatically want to swim. Many just enjoy pawing and batting at the water. Fluffy has also been known to turn faucets on. 

Big Kitties

Many of Fluffy’s larger cousins also enjoy swimming. Tigers naturally stick near water, and even hunt in it. In fact, they even have webbed paws, as some water-loving dogs do. The Savannah, an exotic kitty that’s descended from Servals, is also known to enjoy swimming, as do jaguars and panthers.


If your furball enjoys water, consider getting her a kitty fountain to paw at and splash in. You can also offer her a kiddie pool. Taking Fluffy to the beach will probably be too much for most cats, though some do enjoy it. Just keep your pet on a harness, and stick with shallow areas. Avoid ponds and lakes, as there could be gators lurking. Pools can also be dangerous. Your feline pal could get trapped beneath a cover or have a hard time climbing out. Ask your vet for safety tips.

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