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Choosing An Exotic Pet

November 15, 2023

Did you know that exotic pets are becoming more popular? This really isn’t surprising. Not only are many exotic pets very cute and unique, many are small and quiet, which makes them a good match for apartment dwellers. However, there are some things to consider before adopting one. A local Seminole, FL vet offers some advice on this below.

Check Legality

Before adopting an exotic pet, make sure that you are legally allowed to have one. Laws on keeping exotic pets vary wildly between different states, counties, and cities. You may also need to look into HOA laws and/or rental agreements. This is also something to consider if you think you may move down the road.

Consider Space

Another thing to think about is the amount of space your new buddy is going to require. (This is especially important for anyone considering a reptile, as some get very, very large.) Those space requirements don’t just entail their habitat. Many exotic pets also need quite a lot of room to roam. 

Choose The Right Pet 

Quite a few animals fall under the umbrella of exotic pets. Many of the smaller ones, such as ferrets, sugar gliders, hedgehogs, and chinchillas, are really not uncommon, and are fairly easy to care for, as long as you understand their needs. Then there are the less popular pets, such as monkeys, prairie dogs, and fennec foxes, to name a few. These guys often need very specialized care and habitats, and are not the right fit for every home. It’s important to pick a pet that will fit into your household. That means assessing not just the time, space, and cost required, but also thinking about other pets and, if applicable, children. 


No matter what pet you opt for,  make sure that you are ready, willing, and able to commit to caring for them throughout the course of their natural life. Adoption is forever!

Make An Informed Purchase

Many people adopt exotics without really knowing what they’re in for. Do plenty of research. Look into that animal’s care needs, including diet, exercise, habitat needs, training requirements, enrichment, and socialization requirements. You’ll also want to check their life expectancy and average adult size. 

Buy Responsibly 

Always go through a reputable store or breeder. Unfortunately, many animals are sold on the black market. This is bad for both the pet and their native habitat. 


Do you have questions about exotic pets? Feel free to contact us, your Seminole, FL animal clinic, anytime!

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