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DIY Pocket Pet Toys

May 01, 2019

Bunnies, Guinea pigs, gerbils, hamsters, mice, and other small animals can be very cute and lovable pets. These guys all share a few common traits, however, such as the need to chew. Making sure your pint-sized pal has plenty of chew toys is very important. Your tiny furball could develop some very painful dental issues if they can’t chew enough! You don’t have to spend a lot of money here, however. There are some great things you can make yourself. A North Redington Beach, FL vet lists some great DIY toys for pocket pets in this article.


You can make lots of cute toys out of cardboard items. The tubes from toilet paper or paper towels can be cut into small rings, then reassembled as a little ball. Or, just stuff them with fresh herbs. You can also turn them into little pyramids or envelopes.


Plain paper is safe for small animals to chew on. There are lots of easy options here. You can shred plain copy paper, and put the strips in a tissue box or paper grocery bag. Or, crumple a sheet up around a yummy snack. Another option is to simply fold or cut paper into simple shapes. This is a great rainy day project for kids!


Children’s blocks, wooden spoons, thread spools, and other objects can make great chew toys! Avoid using pine or cedar, however, as they are toxic to small animals.

Treat Toys

One thing all of our furry patients have in common is a love of snacks. For larger pocket pets, you can string twine between two chairs and hang leafy greens from it. You can also stuff fresh hay or herbs in a tissue box or paper grocery bag.


Most smaller animals really enjoy exploring mazes. Cardboard boxes are a great option for this. You can also use paper mache. Stick to a basic flour-and-water glue mixture, and choose newspapers printed with nontoxic ink.


Always put your pet’s safety first. Never give your animal companion anything with sharp edges, or anything covered in varnish, stain, glitter, or dye. Items with small parts or dangling ropes are also unsafe. Also, make sure your little furball’s toys are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected.

Please contact us, your North Redington Beach, FL vet clinic, for all of your pocket pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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