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New Year’s Resolutions For Cats

January 01, 2020

Happy New Year! As we leave 2019 behind and move on into 2020, many of us are thinking about our goals for the coming year. Your feline pal probably slept through most of last night’s festivities, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t making her own plans for next year. In this article, a local Seminole, FL vet lists some New Year’s resolutions for cats.

Improve Pounce Precision

Cats may be cute, cuddly, and full of adorable quirks, but they are actually fierce little hunters in the wild. Your tiny lioness may want to work on her pouncing skills this year. Give your furball lots of toys to practice on.

Catch The Red Dot

Speaking of pounces, your kitty may try to catch that mysterious red spot this year. Fluffy may never catch her mysterious prey, but she’ll at least get a good workout in trying!

Learn Stuff

Our feline buddies are full of cute quirks, such as their habit of sleeping on books, magazines, and computers. Fluffy may be trying to learn through osmosis!

Help With Chores

Kitties can be a bit bossy, but that doesn’t mean they don’t appreciate the love and care they get. Your furry pal may try to reciprocate by lending a helping paw with things like wrapping gifts, changing sheets, and eliminating houseflies.

Stretch More

Fluffy is very flexible, as you may have noticed. She also likes to sleep in positions usually reserved for knots. Your furball may want to stretch a bit more in 2020.

Get Plenty Of Sleep

No surprises here. Cats are very, very tired, for some reason. Your furry pal may very well sleep through most of the new year. Offer your drowsy pet lots of comfy beds to curl up in.

Eat Well

Kitties are known for being a bit finicky. There actually is a good reason for this. Cats always eat their prey fresh, and tend to turn their cute little noses up at anything that’s the least bit off.

Spend More Time With The Human

Cats can form some very strong bonds with their owners, as anyone who has ever snuggled a purring kitty can tell you. Fluffy may try to spend more time on your lap this year.

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