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Tips For Walking Your Dog

January 15, 2020

Did you know that February 22nd is Walk Your Dog Day? Of course, for many of us, every day is Walk Your Dog Day. Those daily jaunts are of course very important for sanitary reasons, but they’re also really good for your pup. Walking is a great way for Fido to get his doggy workout in. Plus, it offers him beneficial mental stimulation. Read on as a Seminole, FL vet offers tips on walking your furry best friend.


Training is very important! Teaching your pooch basic commands, like Sit, Stay, and Come, can help you stop him from running off or approaching dangerous areas if you drop the leash. Heel is also important. If your canine companion tends to lunge after cats or squirrels, get in the habit of changing direction whenever he pulls on the leash. This will of course get tedious, but that’s the point. Eventually, Fido will realize that jerking on the leash won’t get him where he wants to go.

Paw Care

Dogs’ paws are very sensitive. Your canine friend can get some painful burns and blisters by walking or running on hot ground. Use paw wax to protect Fido’s furry feet, and keep your pooch on soft ground as much as possible in summer. Of course, you’ll also need to watch for fire ants.


Florida summers can be absolutely sweltering. Bring water with you if you’re doing more than taking a short stroll around the block. Also, keep an eye on the weather. If your furry pal is afraid of thunderstorms and you know there’s bad weather coming, walk Fido before the sky gets dark.


Wear comfortable shoes with good tread on them. Your four-legged friend will need a comfy leash or collar, as well as a leash that won’t snap. Retractable leashes are fine in some situations, but they can be dangerous at times. Don’t use them near heavy traffic or around other dogs. Your pooch could get into trouble if the leash breaks!

Safety First

Try to keep night walks short and sweet. When you take your canine friend out after dark, stick to safe, well-lit areas. Also, stay away from ponds and lakes that may be housing gators. Better safe than sorry!

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