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Things That Annoy Cats

May 15, 2020

Cats are small in size, but they certainly have big personalities. They’re not only cute, cuddly, and amusing, they’re also a bit opinionated. In fact, kitties have some very strong sentiments about certain things. Read on as a local Seminole, FL vet lists a few of Fluffy’s pet peeves.

Loud Noises

Does your furry buddy make a beeline for her favorite hiding spot every time she hears the clatter of a kitchen pan? Kitties prefer their kingdoms nice and quiet. This isn’t really a surprise. After all, they do spend a rather ridiculous amount of time sleeping.


While some cats form very strong bonds with their canine roommates, this isn’t always the case. As far as Fluffy is concerned, Fido is a big, goofy thing who smells weird, eats anything and everything, and sometimes gets kind of slobbery.

Car Rides

Here’s one area where cats and dogs differ sharply. Fido often really enjoys going for car rides. Fluffy, on the other hand, absolutely despises them. In fact, many of our feline patients are more upset about the drive over to the clinic than the appointment itself.

Attention Done Wrong

Cats can be very cuddly, but that affection has to happen on their terms. Too much attention, not enough attention, and the wrong kind of attention are all serious offenses in the kitty rulebook. Of course, Fluffy may very well decide that she wants to be petted while you’re cooking dinner, only to ignore you while you’re watching TV, but that’s just purr for the course.


While there are a few cats out there who apparently missed this memo and enjoy water, most kitties absolutely hate getting wet. You can’t really blame Fluffy for this: she really doesn’t look her best when she is sopping wet!


Did you know that boredom is a problem for many cats? Make sure that your furry buddy has something to entertain herself with when she is actually awake. Keep in mind that kitties can get quite anxious and upset if they spend too much time alone. If Fluffy is an only pet who stays home by herself while you’re at work, consider getting her a buddy. (Of course, kitties also sometimes annoy each other, but that’s another topic.)

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