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Cold Treats for Cats

July 15, 2020

Does your kitty enjoy snacks? Although cats can be finicky, many of them do have a few favorite treats. With summer here, your feline pal may enjoy something cold on occasion. In this article, a Seminole, FL vet lists a few things Fluffy may enjoy this summer.

Cold Dinner

It doesn’t get any simpler than this. Keep some of your kitty’s wet food in the fridge, and give it to her cold. This can also help it stay fresh longer.


Sodium-free broth is a safe and healthy treat for cats. It contains electrolytes, which are great at keeping kitties hydrated. You can offer your furry buddy a chilled bowl on scorching days. Or, pour some into ice cube trays, and let Fluffy have it that way.

Frozen Yums

Pick up some wet food for your feline friend. Opt for a brand that has a lot of gravy in it. Add sodium-free broth or water to thin it out, and then freeze in an ice cube tray overnight. Give your furball one or two at a time on sweltering days.

Ice Cream

You should never give Fluffy regular ice cream. Dairy products are actually unsafe for kitties! However, Fluffy can have ice cream made specifically for cats, which you can find online and in many pet stores.

Frozen Yogurt

This one may very well get Fluffy’s little motor going! Combine plain frozen yogurt with some tuna and a little parsley. Freeze in small portions, using an ice cube tray. (Tip: try using a bottlecap to divvy up the servings.)

Kitty Shake

Get some shaved ice, and pour some tuna juice over it. You can also go a bit further, and mix the ice with canned tuna, chicken, or cat food in a blender.


Here’s another simple option: offer your feline buddy an ice cube. She may lick it. Or, she may decide to use it as a toy. That’s fine, too! Cats use their paw pads to regulate their temperature, so this will help your furry friend stay cool and comfy. (It’s also cute to watch.)

Tuna Treat

Keep a can of plain tuna or chicken in water in the fridge for Fluffy to enjoy on scorching days. She may love this snack!

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