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Pool Safety for Dogs

August 01, 2020

One of the many things we love about Florida is the fact that our warm, sunny weather allows us to swim for a good portion of the year. We also have a pretty high percentage of pool owners, compared to other states. That can definitely be a plus for your canine buddy. Many dogs absolutely love swimming! Just be sure to keep your pooch safe poolside. A Seminole, FL vet discusses pool safety for dogs below.


Generally, we would recommend using the same types of precautions for a dog as you would with a child. Rule number one? Never leave Fido unattended near the water, even for a minute. Even dogs that love to swim can panic if they fall in! Take extra precautions with dogs that can’t swim, small pups, senior dogs, large breeds, and pooches with medical issues.

Swim Lessons

Although not all dogs are natural swimmers, most can at least learn the doggy paddle. If Fido doesn’t know how to swim, take time to teach him. Support him gently as he’s learning, and encourage him with lots of praise.


As mentioned above, not all of our canine companions are good at swimming. If your furry pal isn’t exactly a natural, get him a doggy lifejacket to wear at the pool. Better safe than sorry!


We can’t overstate how important it is to teach Fido where the pool stairs are. Spend some time with this training, and make sure it really sinks in. It may also help to put some sort of marker near the exit, like a potted tree.


Try not to let Fido gulp down pool water. Chemicals like bleach and chlorine are definitely not good for dogs!


Pets can overheat very quickly on those sweltering afternoons. Make sure Fido always has access to shady areas. If your furry friend seems hot, bring him back inside, to rooms cooled by fans or AC.


Pool covers can also be hazardous, especially with in-ground pools. Dogs don’t always realize that the covers aren’t really solid, and sometimes try to walk on them. This can be extremely dangerous!


Fencing is one of the most important and effective precautions. Keep pools fenced off when they aren’t in use!

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