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Cute Ways to Celebrate Meow Like a Pirate Day

September 15, 2020

There’s a new kitty holiday coming up that will have many of our feline patients happily yelling at their humans. September 17th is Meow Like A Pirate Day! As you probably know, here in Tampa Bay, we have a long and rather complicated history with pirates. (We may also be the only city to collectively celebrate the anniversary of being raided, but that’s another topic.) In this arrrrrticle, a Seminole, FL vet lists some fun ways to celebrate with your furry little ‘purrate.’ 

Treasure Chest

If you were to present Fluffy with an actual buried treasure chest, she’d probably just yawn and fall asleep on it. However, you can offer her a small cardboard box filled with fun toys to dig through. You can also sign her up for a monthly kitty subscription box. (Speaking of digging and boxes, don’t forget to clean the litterbox!) 

Photo Session 

Take some cute, pirate-themed pictures of your feline pal. Gasparilla beads really aren’t safe for Fluffy to play with by herself, as she could get tangled up in them. However, they do make a cute prop for a photo shoot! If you want to go all-out, stage a little backdrop for your kitty. Jolly Roger or Bucs flags are purrfect options. You can also use editing effects to add things like pirate hats, parrots, or ships.

Seafood Feast

If there’s one thing cats and pirates have in common, it’s an affinity for liking seafood. Treat yourself and your kitty to some delicious fish. (Note: make sure Fluffy’s food is cooked, and does not have bones, butter, breading, or spices.) Your furball can also have some canned tuna, crabmeat, or salmon. 


Do you like crafting? Why not create a few things for your four-legged landlubber? Make your feline buccaneer a catnip parrot or rum bottle. Or, better yet, make her a cardboard pirate ship. You can also draw a pirate-themed picture of a kitty. This can be a great rainy day project for kids!


This is a perfect time to revisit some of your favorite pirate movies. The Pirates of The Caribbean and Peter Pan movies are great. Chances arrr, your furry matey will likely be happy to join you.  

Please contact us, your Seminole, FL vet clinic, for all of your meowing pirate’s veterinary care needs. We arrrrr always happy to help!