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Halloween Safety for Dogs

October 15, 2020

Autumn is here, and it’s finally cooled down a bit. Many of our canine patients are loving the weather, as they get to run and play more comfortably. While we don’t get the foliage or colder temperatures that our northern buddies do, there are still a few seasonal concerns for dog owners to be aware of. A Seminole, FL vet discusses Halloween safety for dogs in this article. 


Man’s Best Friend is very curious about, well, everything. Fido sometimes tries to learn about things by eating them. This can be very dangerous! Keep this in mind when putting up decorations. Anything small or sharp is a hazard to your playful pup, as are items that can be easily chewed, such as cardboards, foam, and softer plastics. You’ll also want to keep chemicals, medicines, and anything with a cord or battery out of paws’ reach.  


Candy is a big part of many Halloween traditions. Don’t share those sweets with your furry friend! Many of them contain things like chocolate, caffeine, raisins, nuts, and xylitol, which are all unsafe for dogs. Fido could also choke on a hard candy or a candy wrapper.  


Are you planning to dress your dog up? Fido makes a pretty cute cheeseburger. (He’s also been a skunk, a bunny rabbit, a pirate, and a dinosaur, to name just a few things.) It’s fine to have some fun with your pet, but put his comfort and safety first. Don’t put your pooch in anything tight, hot, itchy, or restricting Avoid flammable outfits, as well as anything with zippers and/or small parts or dangling threads your canine pal may try to eat


Pets and flames are a dangerous mix! Keep candles and potpourri burners in high spots that Fido can’t reach. Also, make sure your pooch can’t get too close to fireplaces, bonfires, grills, or fire pits. 


Dogs can get frightened, confused, and/or agitated by people in costumes. If you have a yard, bring Fido inside before dark. If you’re having people over and/or are expecting trick or treaters, keep an eye on your pet. If he starts getting worked up, put him in a quiet back room with bedding, food, and toys. 

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