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Signs of Anxiety in Dogs

May 01, 2021

Dog Anxiety Awareness Week starts May 2nd. This is actually a much more important topic than many people realize. Just like people, dogs can suffer from mental and emotional distress, and can be affected by things like fear, stress, depression, and anxiety. However, Fido can’t tell you how he feels. It’s important for you to know what to look for. A local Seminole, FL vet lists some of the signs of doggy anxiety in this article.


Our canine pals all have their own voices, and some are just more talkative than others. However, howling, incessant barking, and whining can all be signs of anxiety.

Inappropriate Soiling

Even the best dog can have the occasional accident. However, if Fido has been housetrained, but often makes messes indoors, he may be coping with anxiety.


Things like chewing, digging, getting into the trash, and eating couch cushions are often chalked up to bad behavior. In truth, Fido often acts up as a way to cope with pent-up distress or anxiety.


Fido may pace if he is feeling anxious or distressed. You may notice this happening in specific situations that make your pet uncomfortable. For instance, if your pup hates thunder, he may start pacing when a storm starts.

Tummy Troubles

Do you sometimes lose your appetite, or have trouble digesting food when you’re upset? This can happen with dogs, too. Of course, if Fido often has issues such as vomiting or diarrhea, you’ll want to get him checked out.


Dogs sometimes take their anxiety out on themselves. Fido may bite or lick himself incessantly if he is stressed out.


Anxiety often goes hand-in-paw with fear for our canine companions. Fido may run away, withdraw, or cower in a corner. This is often a sign of deeper trauma, rather than run-of-the-mill storm or separation anxiety. Ask your vet or a professional pet behaviorist for specific advice.


Some of the other signs are more subtle. Fido may shed, drool, or shiver, and you may notice his posture change.


All of the signs listed above can also be indicative of pain and/or discomfort. Before trying to manage your pet’s anxiety, make an appointment for a thorough exam. It’s important to rule out medical issues.

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