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Packing Fido’s Beach Bag

May 15, 2021

Many of our canine patients enjoy our beautiful beaches just as much as we do. Swimming can be a lot of fun for Fido, and it can also be a great way for him to stay in shape. Of course, you’ll need to bring a few things along with you. In this article, a Seminole, FL vet lists some things you’d want to put in your pet’s beach bag.


This one is by far the most important. Fido can get very hot very fast running around at the shore. Bring plenty of water along. You’ll need some, too! You can also pick up some cold water at the store on the way in.


Regular bowls can be clumsy to carry around, so pick up some collapsible ones for your furry buddy. You can also get Fido a water bottle with an attached dispenser.


Fido probably won’t mind having his own beach towel to lie on. You’ll also want to grab a few old ones for drying him off after he’s gone swimming.

First-Aid Kit

There’s almost no end to the ways your canine pal can get hurt at the water. For instance, he could step on a sharp shell, broken glass, or a fishhook, or try to eat a dead fish. It’s always best to err on the side of caution. Keep a pet first-aid kit in the bag, just in case.

Doggy Umbrella

Florida’s sunshine can be a bit much, especially at this time of year. We recommend taking Fido to the beach in the mornings or evenings. However, if the sun is still shining, bring an umbrella along for him. You can find some made just for dogs, but any umbrella will do.

Tie Line

If you like going to the beach a lot, you may want to look for a tie stake that’s made for sand. This is quite a bit easier than holding your furry friend’s leash while you’re sunbathing!

Waste Baggies

Don’t mar that gorgeous sand with a mess. Remember to pick up after your four-legged buddy!

Skin/Paw Care

Pups with thin or pale fur can get sunburned, and will probably need pet sunscreen. Fido may also benefit from having some paw balm or booties to protect those cute toe beans from scorching ground.

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