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Decorating With Fido

December 01, 2021

One thing many of us love about the holiday season is seeing how people decorate. Many of you have at least one neighbor that goes all-out … unless of course you are that neighbor. Just keep your canine buddy in mind as you get your place ready for the holidays. A local Seminole, FL vet offers some advice on decorating for the season with Man’s Best Friend.


Many popular holiday plants are toxic to our canine companions. That list includes holly, ivy, mistletoe, poinsettias, juniper, lilies, and even pine. For a full list of safe and unsafe plants, check the ASPCA site here.


Trees can be quite dangerous to playful pups! Any small or sharp ornaments present a choking hazard. Ornament hooks, ribbons, garlands, and lights are also unsafe. Keep these mostly on the top part of the tree. If you get a real tree, you’ll need to cover the water bowl, so Fido can’t drink from it. The water could contain traces of chemicals such as pesticide, fertilizer, and fire retardant.


Some dogs will also get into the presents. Ribbons, tape, staples, plastic wrap, and packing peanuts are all things a curious pup may end up gnawing on. These are definitely not safe for Fido. If you know or suspect that your canine pal may try to claim some presents for himself, use a baby fence to block his access to the tree.


Do you have a lot of decorations that light up or make noise? Try to arrange the cords so your four-legged friend can’t get to them. If your pooch is still in that chewing stage, you may need to use a taste deterrent on any cords you can’t move out of paws’ reach.


Dogs and fire can be a dangerous mix! Keep candles, wax melters, and potpourri burners in high secure spots, so Fido can’t bump into them or knock them over. Use caution with fireplaces, firepits, and space heaters as well.


Some dogs won’t bat an eye if you put a whole choir of mechanical singing Santas in your yard. Others will get agitated by anything that makes noise. Just keep your furry buddy’s comfort in mind. Fido might be scared of that giant blow-up snowman!

Happy Holidays from everyone here at Dr. Kathy’s Veterinary Care, your local Seminole, FL animal clinic. Contact us anytime!