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6 Great Ways To Help Animals This Holiday Season

December 15, 2021

Happy Holidays! We love seeing photos of our furry patients getting pampered at this time of year. Unfortunately, there are many kitties out there who don’t have trees to climb or laps to curl up in. There are also many sweet homeless dogs who just want someone to love them and give them bacon and belly rubs. If you’re an animal lover, like us, you probably would love to help them. A Seminole, FL vet lists some ways to do that below.


This can be a crucial time of year for any type of charity or rescue organization. Animal shelters are no exception. Monetary donations are great, as they are so versatile, but they aren’t the only option. You can also drop off food, toys, or supplies, such as beds, litterboxes, or pet furniture. Just check with the shelter first, to see what they need most.


The holidays aren’t just about spending: it’s also a time to give back to our communities. Volunteering at an animal shelter, zoo, or even a wildlife conservation area is a wonderful way to do that. You may be surprised at how rewarding this type of work can be!

Spread Awareness

There’s certainly no shortage of wonderful charities and nonprofits that help animals. One thing you can do is pick a few that mean something to you. If your beloved childhood dog was a certain breed, maybe pick a rescue group that works with that breed. Share posts on social media, or donate a birthday social media fundraiser to them. Every little bit helps!


Are you ordering a lot of presents from Amazon? Redirect your browser to A portion of your purchases will go to a charity of your choice. There are some great animal-friendly ones to pick from!

Host An Event

Want to get a little more involved? Consider holding a charity event, with proceeds benefiting an organization that helps animals. This can be a bake sale, online auction, or even a performance event.

Take A Walk

Do you have a smartphone? Consider downloading the Wooftrax app. It will log the distance you and Fido walk, and donate to animal rescues based on the distance you go. Talk about making use of your time!

Happy Holidays! As your Seminole, FL animal hospital, we’re here to help. Call us anytime!