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Give Your Yard A Pupgrade

April 15, 2022

One great thing about living in Florida is the fact that we get to enjoy warm weather all year long. That’s a huge plus for anyone who enjoys gardening and/or yard work. Want to make your yard more dog-friendly? Read on! A Seminole, FL veterinarian lists some ways to do that in this article.

Improve Your Fencing

This is probably the most important thing you can do, as far as your canine companion’s safety is concerned. Make sure your fencing is tall and sturdy enough that Fido can’t go over, under, or through it. If you think your pooch may try to dig his way out, bury chicken wire along the fence and weigh it down with rocks.

Get A Doghouse

Dogs should live inside, with the rest of the family, but they do enjoy having spots to relax in outdoors. Choose something that offers great insulation, and put it in a shaded area. You’ll want to raise it off the ground a little, to keep the rainwater out.

Offer Water Fun

Florida summers get pretty hot, to put it mildly. Fido may enjoy a kiddie pool to splash around in. Pet fountains and/or sprinklers can also get that cute tail going. We do recommend using hose filters, though, especially if your hoses or sprinklers use reclaimed water.

Add Urns

Your furry best friend will always need to have fresh water available outside. Get plant urns and put your dog’s water dishes in those. They’ll look nice and serve a purpose!

Remove Unsafe Plants

Many popular plants are toxic to dogs. Sago palms, for instance, are extremely dangerous to Fido. Anything with bulbs, such as tulips, is also unsafe. You can find more information on safe and unsafe plants at the ASPCA website here.

Check Your Gate

We recommend getting a self-latching gate. This is much safer for Fido. Many beloved dogs have gotten out through gates left open by mailmen or meter readers!

Clean It Up

Being diligent about picking up things like dead leaves and fallen branches won’t just keep your place looking nice: it can also help prevent flea, tick, and rodent infestations. These unwanted critters love hiding in debris, dead grass, and other nooks and crannies.

Please reach out with questions or concerns about your dog’s health or care. As your Seminole, FL animal clinic, we’re here to help!