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Getting Your Cat Ready For Summer

May 01, 2022

Summer is almost here! We may still have a bit of time before the worst of the heat hits, but it’s already getting pretty warm. The hot weather can be hard on our feline friends, so you’ll want to take steps to protect your kitty from the heat. A Seminole, FL vet offers some advice on this below.


Kitties are pretty good at keeping themselves clean, but they do need some help with their beauty needs. Brushing Fluffy will help remove dead fur and dander from her coat, which will help keep her cooler. (It will also help her feel pampered, which can really get that little motor going.)

Offer Lots Of Water

Cats can get into serious trouble if they overheat! Make sure Fluffy always has cool, clean water. If you have more than one kitty, or if your house has more than one level, set out extra water bowls. You can drop some ice cubes into your feline pal’s water bowl on warm days. Many cats prefer running water, so you might want to get your furball a fountain.

Wellness Care

One of the downsides of living in Florida is that we really don’t get much of a respite from bugs and parasites. We also have our fair share of wild and stray animals. Keep up with your kitty’s vaccinations and parasite control! That includes heartworm prevention.

Keep Kitty In

The best way to protect Fluffy from the heat? Keep her safe and sound indoors, in rooms cooled by fans or air conditioners. Your feline buddy will also be safer inside, where she isn’t at risk from things like cars, weather, and, of course, alligators. If you want to give your cat the best of both worlds, make her a catio by adding pet furniture and safe plants to a screened porch, spare room, or even a sunny spot. If you do let your kitty out, make sure she always has access to water and shaded areas.

Cool Beds

Want to score some purrs? Give Fluffy a hammock bed. These are easy to make: just attach a piece of fabric to the legs of a table or coffee table. Voila! On really hot days, you can also point a fan at your furry buddy’s bed.

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