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Summer Paw Care For Dogs

May 15, 2022

Does your canine pal know cute paw tricks, such as Shake or Gimme Paw? Fido’s furry feet are pretty adorable. They’re also crucial to his health and happiness. After all, without them, he really couldn’t get around! Dogs’ paw pads are actually quite delicate. This is something to keep in mind as the hottest part of the year approaches. A Seminole, FL vet offers some tips on caring for your pup’s paws in this article.


Be sure to keep your furry buddy’s claws trimmed. Long nails can snag and tear on things, which can cause bleeding and painful tears and infections. They also make it harder for him to get good traction, especially on slippery ground. If you have trouble clipping Fido’s claws yourself, schedule a trim with your vet or groomer. You can also try nail grinders.
Paw Balm
Summers can get pretty hot around here. Fido can easily burn his paw pads on scorching-hot surfaces. Paw balm will help protect those furry feet!


Watch where you step when walking your canine companion. Avoid ant hills, and try to stay on soft grass and dirt as much as ‘pawsible.’ This is extra important after your pooch has gone swimming: dogs’ paws are very delicate when they’re wet.

Beach Time

Headed to the beach? Fido could cut his paws running around on sharp rocks or shells. You’ll also want to watch for things like broken glass and, of course, dead sea critters that may have washed ashore.


Ticks and other critters can (and do) bite dogs’ feet. Man’s Best Friend can also have paw problems due to medical issues, like arthritis. If Fido is constantly limping and/or licking his paws, contact your vet.

Toe Fur

Does your canine buddy have those cute tufts of fur between his toes? Trim these back, as they can get things like gum or mud stuck in them.


Booties can protect your four-legged buddy’s feet from scorching ground. Of course, not all pups will go for wearing footwear. If Fido doesn’t mind, then go for it. You can buy doggy ‘shoes’, or you can even make your own. Just don’t force them on him, unless there’s a medical need for it.

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