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Dog Party Day Tips

June 15, 2022

There’s a pretty fun doggy holiday coming up. June 21st is Dog Party Day! Giving Fido a chance to run and play with his buddies can be just as adorable and entertaining as it sounds! However, there are some things to keep in mind. Read on as a Seminole, FL vet offers some tips on having your pup’s pals over.

Guest List

Having the right guest list can make a huge difference. Be sure to only invite pups that are friendly and well trained. It’s also important to make sure that Fido’s guests are all current on their vaccines and parasite control. This is extra important if you have puppies coming, as the little ones may not be fully protected yet.

Offer A Safe Menu

You can’t have a proper dog party without treats! Store-bought snacks are fine. You can also offer plain, cooked meat, fish, or poultry. (Homemade jerky is a good option.) Of course, June in Florida tends to get very, very hot. Your furry guests may enjoy some cold snacks, such as doggy ice cream or pupsicles.

Provide Lots Of Toys

Don’t forget about entertainment! Our canine pals all have their own preferences, so offer a variety. Want to ramp up the cuteness? Get a mechanical ball launcher! Just be careful if you have pooches of varying sizes coming over. Big dogs can choke on things made for smaller breeds!

Water, Water Everywhere

Fido and his buddies will get hot and tired quickly running and playing. Set out several water bowls, and drop a few ice cubes into them. You can also set out a kiddie pool or fountain for your four-legged buddies. We do recommend using a hose filter, though, especially if your hose or sprinklers use reclaimed water.

Have Fun

There’s no reason to throw the whole day to the dogs here. Have some friends over for a grill-out! Just don’t let any of Fido’s pals get their paws on any trash or leftovers. That could be dangerous, as the garbage could contain things like can lids, skewers, or toothpicks. Ask your vet for more petproofing tips.

Capture The Moment

This is a perfect chance to get some really fun pictures or videos of both your human guests and your furry ones. Take lots of pictures!

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