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Summer Kitten Care Tips

July 01, 2022

Kitten Day is coming up on July 10th. While we think all of our patients are pretty cute, we have to admit that kittens are absolutely delightful. If a baby cat has just joined your household, you are definitely in for some adorable moments over the next few months. You’re also in for some pet parenting! Read on for some summer kitten care tips from a Seminole, FL vet.

Visit The Vet

Proper veterinary care is a must. Little Fluffy will need to come in a few times during that first year. In addition to her initial exams, vaccines, and parasite control, you’ll need to schedule microchipping and spay/neuter surgery.

Keep Kitty In

There’s almost no end to the dangers a frisky little ball of fur can get into outside. The Great Outdoors is dangerous enough for older cats: cars, parasites, weather, gators, stray animals, and heat are just a few hazards that endanger kitties outside. Kittens are especially at risk. They’re tiny enough to be vulnerable to predators, and can also get stuck in some pretty small places. Ground the furball!

Offer Water

Baby animals are very sensitive to weather extremes. Make sure there is always plenty of fresh water available for your tiny pet. Cats should also have access to rooms that have climate control. Watch for signs that little Fluffy is getting too hot, such as panting or listlessness. If you see anything off, immediately offer water and call your vet for instructions.

Monitor The Furball

Cats are very good at finding comfy spots to relax in. In summer, they often seek out cool areas. This can be dangerous: your cute little pet may decide to nap in a spot that isn’t safe for her, such as under a recliner. She could also easily get stuck in a shed, attic, garage, or even a car trunk. Keep a close eye on your little buddy!

Be Careful With Chemicals

Summer is a peak time for using chemicals such as bug spray, torch oil, fertilizer, and engine coolant. Little Fluffy only needs to walk over a spot that has been treated, and then lick her paws to ingest these chemicals. Take care with these products!

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