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Spotlight On The Yorkie

August 01, 2022

Today, August 1st, is Yorkie Day. Yorkies may be small, but they are quite feisty. In fact, Fido is called the Tomboy Toy! These little dogs have big personalities, and their cheerful, playful antics have won them some very devoted fans. A Seminole, FL vet discusses the Yorkie in this article.

Tiny Pooch

Yorkies are one of the smaller breeds. They usually weigh between five to seven pounds, and rarely grow taller than 8 inches, and typically weigh under seven pounds as an adult. That makes Fido a great choice for apartment dwellers!

Beauty Needs

One of the Yorkie’s most distinctive features is their silky fur. Fido’s hair is more like human hair than that of most dogs. This is both good and bad. On the one hand, your pooch won’t shed very much. However, he will need quite a bit of grooming. Many groomers recommend keeping Yorkies clipped, as that fur is much easier to care for when it’s short.

Color Change

Speaking of Fido’s fur, it changes over time. Your canine buddy will be black and tan when he’s a puppy. (Did we mention that Yorkie puppies are ridiculously cute?) As your pooch ages, his colors will fade to a golden hue with brown or blueish tints and tips.

Hunting Background

While Fido is usually a companion dog today, he was originally bred to hunt rodents. Yorkies love to play with stuffed animals that remind them of their prey. (We probably don’t have to mention how adorable this is.)

Hero Dog

When looking for famous Yorkies, one special pooch stands out. That would be Smoky, who saved several soldiers’ lives by pulling a communications cable through a tunnel back in WWII. Smoky is also considered to be the first therapy dog, as she visited wounded soldiers in hospitals. That’s definitely something worth recognizing!

Smart Pup

Yorkies are very smart dogs, and they need proper training. Don’t let Fido’s small size sway you into thinking this is unnecessary. These guys can be stubborn, so ignoring your pup’s petucation may lead to behavioral problems. Training is also a matter of safety. You need to be able to stop your furry pal from running off or approaching something dangerous.

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