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5 Ways To Help Homeless Animals

August 15, 2022

Homeless Animals Day is coming up on August 20th. This is a big problem here in Florida: the Sunshine State has tens of thousands of cats and dogs living on the streets, with more being born all the time. Due to our warm weather, high poverty rates, and, in some areas, lack of access to veterinary care, we trend higher in this area than most of the country. There are far too many homeless pets for any one person to help. However, there are some ways that you can make a difference. A Seminole, FL vet lists some of them below.

Spay/Neuter Your Pets

Pet overpopulation is one of the biggest reasons that there are so many homeless pets out there fending for themselves. Make sure that your furry pals don’t add more kittens and puppies to those numbers!

Support TNR Programs

You’ve likely heard of TNR (Trap/Neuter/Release) programs, which are aimed at preventing unwanted litters. These programs are often run by grassroots charities, local shelters, with support from local veterinarians. The MOA here is to capture Fluffy, fix her, keep her safe and comfy while she heals, and then release her. There are many different ways to help these organizations, from donating food and supplies to helping financially.


Offering food, water, and shelter can make a huge difference in a cat’s life. Just proceed carefully: some towns and/or HOA do not allow feeding strays. (This is mostly because of concerns that the food will attract vermin, raccoons, or other animals.)


This isn’t going to be the right option for all kitties: if Fluffy has lived on the streets all her life, she may not take well to living indoors. Some homeless cats also never go for using litterboxes, which can be a dealbreaker. However, there are definitely plenty of success stories as well. It really depends on the cat.

Hire A Barn Cat

Got a barn? Many stray cats would be happy to earn their keep by helping keep mice and other vermin out of your place in exchange for room, board, food, and veterinary care. This can be a great win/win solution! Ask your vet for tips on helping Fluffy become a professional mouser.

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