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7 Ways To Enrich Your Dog’s Life

September 01, 2022

It’s Responsible Dog Ownership Month! Part of being a good dog owner really entails keeping Fido happy and entertained. Dogs need mental stimulation, just as we do! You wouldn’t be happy just staring at four bare walls all day, and nor would Fido. Here, a Seminole, FL vet lists some ways to keep your canine companion happy and entertained.


Playing is a terrific doggy workout, but did you know that it’s also great mental stimulation? Simple, high-energy games like Fetch can burn off Fido’s excess energy. However, you should mix these up with things that challenge his mind, like Hide and Seek.


This isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution: there are lots of things to consider before adopting another pooch, such as budget, time, mess, and, of course, both pups’ personalities. That said, many dogs really do love having buddies to play with and cuddle up to.


Did you know that many dogs really like learning new things? Fido will also appreciate being able to communicate with you a bit better. And we all know how cute our canine pals look when they are pleased with themselves and reveling in getting praise and treats.

Background Noise

Does Fido stay home alone while you go off to earn money for his food and toys? Turn a radio or TV on before you leave. The sound of music and voices will soothe your pooch, and keep him from feeling so lonely.


Simply talking to your furry pal can also help. Some dogs can learn over 100 different phrases! Even if Fido only understands a little of what you’re saying, he’ll appreciate the effort. This will help him feel loved and safe, as well as make him feel closer to you. (Bonus: dogs are great listeners!)


Those daily strolls can also brighten up your pup’s day. Take Fido to parks and trails, and let him sniff unfamiliar grass and bushes. Because our canine friends pick up so much information through scents, this is rather like reading a newspaper for them.

Dog TV

To be fair, not all pooches are going to go for this. However, your furry friend may really enjoy watching shows or channels made just for him. It’s worth a try!

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