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Meet The Galgo

February 01, 2023

Did you know that today, February 1st, is World Galgo Day? This isn’t one of the more well-known breeds over here in the States, but it’s definitely one that could use more attention. A member of the Sighthound group, the Galgo is a very sweet and loving pup, who loves napping and relaxing. A Seminole, FL vet shines the spotlight on this timid pooch below.


The Galgo is very closely related to Greyhound, a breed we are quite familiar with here in the Sunshine State. As you may know, Greyhound racing is being phased out, in large part due to a rising awareness of animal welfare concerns in the industry. Unfortunately, like its larger cousin, the Galgo is also at very high risk of being neglected, abused, or even killed. Sadly, the breed is one of the most abused in the world. 


The Galgo is a very ancient dog: pups that look very similar have been in Spain since as far back as the 10th century. In fact, the breed was even mentioned in the literary classic Don Quixote. They were once exclusively bred by Spanish nobles for hunting hares, and are still often used for that purpose. Unfortunately, they are considered disposable tools, rather than loving pets, and treated as such. It’s common for the dogs to be cruelly discarded at the end of hunting season. This practice has resulted in huge numbers of homeless Galgos. 

How To Help

There is some good news here: many rescue organizations are working to help abandoned Galgos and find them loving homes. World Galgo Day is in large part about raising awareness of their plight, in the hopes of both stopping their mistreatment and, of course, getting them adopted. If you want to help, consider sharing information on social media. Raising awareness goes a long way when it comes to animal welfare issues! There are many charities that are helping these sweet dogs, including several that work to bring adoptable pups over here to the states. Donations are always welcomed. You may also want to look into fostering or even adopting one of these sweet dogs. You may be surprised at how loving and gentle these dogs are. Just do plenty of research before proceeding. 

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