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Grooming A Senior Dog

February 15, 2023

Is your canine pal entering—or already in—his golden years? Fido probably won’t be any more enamored with baths now than he was as a puppy, but they’re still important to his health, hygiene, and comfort. However, you’ll need to take some extra care with your pooch at this point in his life. A Seminole, FL vet discusses grooming a senior dog below.

Be Gentle

First and foremost, be very careful with your furry friend. Older dogs tend to be quite stiff and sore. Even picking Fido up could potentially hurt him.  

Bath Or Salon?

Even if you’ve always bathed Fido at home, you may want to start bringing him to a salon. Groomers have stations that will be easy for your furry buddy to get in and out of. Another option is to bathe your pooch in a kiddie pool.

Keep Up With Pawdicures

Long nails can be pretty problematic in older pets. They’re uncomfortable for Fido to walk on, which can affect his gait and the way he holds his weight. That in turn can strain his already-weakening bones and joints. Overgrown nails also make it hard for dogs to get good traction, increasing the chance of slips and falls. Keep those claws clipped! 

Consider Conditions

When you bathe Fido at home, you may walk him to let him dry off. That’s fine when it’s warm, which it usually is here in Florida. However, it would be uncomfortable for your pooch on those occasional chilly days. Older dogs are much more sensitive to hot and cold weather than their younger counterparts! This is also something to consider before getting Fido’s fur trimmed in the cooler months. 

Brush Carefully

Our furry pals all have unique needs as far as bathing goes. Some need more baths than others. However, all dogs will benefit from regular brushing. Just be very careful when brushing your canine friend. Older dogs have thinner, more delicate skin than young pups, and are therefore more susceptible to skin tears. 


Slips and falls are just as bad for older pups as they are for people. If you bathe Fido at home, set out a mat to prevent slips. This can also help keep your four-legged friend from scratching your tub. Don’t forget to offer a treat after!

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