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Choosing An Exotic Pet

Choosing An Exotic Pet

November 15, 2023

Did you know that exotic pets are becoming more popular? This really isn’t surprising. Not only are many exotic pets very cute and unique, many are small and quiet, which makes them a good match for apartment dwellers. However, there are some things to consider before adopting one. A local Seminole, FL vet offers some advice on this below. Check Legality Before adopting an exotic pet, make sure that you are legally allowed to have … Read More »

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Pug Day

October 15, 2023
Pug wrapped in blanket

Pug lovers, rejoice: Today is Pug Day! Recognized by the AKC back in 1885, these little pups have been melting hearts for hundreds of years. In fact, a 2021 survey showed that there are over 4 million pugs here in the U.S. A local Seminole, FL vet shines the spotlight on these charming little pooches below. Pug History Pugs are short and stocky, and are characterized by their pushed-in faces. That smooshy face may be … Read More »

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Cute Ways To Celebrate Cattober

October 01, 2023

Did you adopt your feline buddy from a shelter? If so, you’ll want to put a pawprint on your calendar for October 9th: it’s Cattober, the unofficial shelter kitty birthday. Since you won’t know exactly when your furry pal was born, you can celebrate Fluffy’s birthday on the 9th. A local Seminole, FL  vet lists a few fun ways to brighten up your kitty’s day in this article. Get Fluffy A Celebratory Plant If your … Read More »

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Cats That Swim

August 01, 2023

Does your kitty hate water? If so, Fluffy is in good company. Cats are known for having strong opinions about certain things. We all know that most of our feline friends are definitely not fond of loud noises, car rides, or getting wet. However, as the saying says, there are exceptions to every rule. That’s true in this case as well. A Seminole, FL vet discusses cats that swim in this article. Fluffy And Water … Read More »

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Helping A Senior Cat Beat The Heat

June 15, 2023

Is your kitty aged ten or older? If so, Fluffy may need some extra attention when it’s hot. Scorching temperatures can be rough on any kitty, but they are particularly tough on aging pets. A North Redington Beach, FL vet offers some advice on keeping your feline pal cool and comfy in this article. Beds Make sure that Fluffy always has cool spots to rest in. You can put a freezer gel pack in her … Read More »

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Check The Chip Day

August 15, 2021
Food Safety For Pets

It’s Check The Chip Day! Has your pet been microchipped yet? If not, you may want to see to this. Microchips are tiny devices that form an invisible, yet permanent, link between people and their pets. If your furry best friend ever goes missing, that tiny chip could be the only thing connecting the two of you! Here, a Seminole, FL vet offers some information about microchips, and how to check them. Microchip Basics Microchips … Read More »

Preventing Cat Bites

April 15, 2021

Dog Bite Prevention Week started April 11th. Of course, dogs aren’t the only pets that bite. Our feline pals also sometimes chomp on people. While serious dog bites are more common and usually more dangerous, cat bites aren’t good either. The bacteria in Fluffy’s mouth can cause painful infections. A Seminole, FL vet discusses cat bites in this article. Manners When it comes to preventing cat bites, teaching Fluffy proper manners when she is a … Read More »

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Protect Your Pet From Holiday Stress

December 15, 2020

The holiday season is upon us! Things may not be quite as festive or busy this year as usual, with the pandemic going on, but there will still be plenty of seasonal events and festivities happening. This can actually be a pretty stressful time of year for our furry friends! Travel, visitors, decorations, loud noises, and schedule disruptions can all make your pet quite uneasy. Here, a local Seminole, FL vet offers some tips on … Read More »

Taking Your Cat to the Vet

August 15, 2020

August 22nd is Take Your Cat To The Vet Day! (It’s also National Tooth Fairy Day, but we’ll leave that one to the dentists.) Your feline pal probably won’t be thrilled to find herself being put into a carrier when she was planning to take another nap. However, kitties are much healthier—and therefore happier—with proper veterinary care. In this article, a Seminole, FL vet discusses bringing Fluffy to the doctor. Use A Carrier Fluffy should … Read More »

Hairball Awareness Day

April 15, 2020

Did you know that April 24th is Hairball Awareness Day? We’re guessing probably not. It definitely isn’t the cutest kitty holiday on your calendar. Hairballs are, unfortunately, a pretty common experience with our feline pals. However, that doesn’t mean they are always harmless. In this article, a Seminole, FL vet discusses—you guessed it—hairballs. Hairball Formation We all know that cats are very clean: it’s one of their best qualities. In fact, some studies show that … Read More »

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